A lecture of self-Manipulation

All your life you were hearing about bad people manipulating good people. Peddlers selling citizens stuff they don’t need. Politicians promising what they can never achieve. Your friend making you buy him a drink. They are all the same. But have you ever thought about manipulating yourself? Me neither. However, […]

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Best 5 Study Hacks

Have you ever asked yourself a question: Is the way I study the right one? Or, to put it in other words, have you ever asked yourself: Why the hell is studying so hard? Shouldn’t it be more comfortable?   Guess what, it should. Also, to answer the first question: no, it […]

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You Should Stop Writing F*cking Slow

In one of his letters, Seneca wrote that “there are things which need our full attention and also things which we can do while riding a three-wheeler” (Seneca & Campbell, 2004). Unfortunately, most of the things which we have to do during our days are more of the latter. You […]

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Stick to Your Enemies

During the communism times in Czechoslovakia, most of its citizens would drive a car which looked something like this: It had no heating (though it used to get overheated very often). The car would feel like falling apart every second. However, for some reason, most of the Czechoslovaks were riding […]

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