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Why should you care about me?

Unfortunately (for either me and humankind) I am no monarch, neither was I born as a son of God, but, still…

I am a human being, trying to gain some intellectual power, more or less because I don’t have anything better to do anyway.

I found it exciting, sometimes funny, sometimes impressing, but most of all fulfilling.


By Kevin Horsley

Kevin Horsley wrote this book to show (and learn) us the way he was able for example remember 1 000 five numeric combinations of pi. He describes using of mnemo techniques and other learning strategies, that are going to help you remember anything you like.


By John Fante

This novel by John Fante is one of my favourite. It’s the second of trilogy about Arturo Bandini, and it’s the most redeable piece of art I have ever read. I recommend this one to anyone who likes to read.


By James E. Ryan

James E. Ryan, a dean of Harvard’s Graduate School of Education, offers five simple, but essential questions to guide you through life, be it the personal or professional one. They make you slow down and think again, and, I believe, they can help you.


By Robert B. Cialdini

This book is a great insight into the world of manipulation. Cialdini describes the basic strategies of manipulators (salesman, criminals, army) and explains how one can protect himself against them. I consider it important to be able to fight back, and I have found this book useful.

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